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Different Types of Contractors and What They Do

Different Types of Contractors and What They Do

There are many different types of contractors that work on your building. You must have noticed some of them when you see a construction site. If you are a homeowner, it is important for you to know about them as you might need their services one day. In this article, some of the different types of contractors are discussed.

General contractors

They are responsible for the main construction of the building from the beginning to the end. They make the plans and builds the walls, doors, windows in the building. They also build the garage in your houses. They construct the layout and installs the cement and rods in the building. They are also responsible for giving the foundation of the building. They sometimes do multiple tasks and work on other skills like that of the carpenter. They can build the doors in the house and design the windows in your house. They can also install the roof in your house. You can choose custom designs and ask them to make the doors or windows like the ones in the design. To get some deigns you can search the internet. For example, You can search online for any garage doors frisco tx to get some relevant results. You can similarly search other designs according to your location.


Plumbers are the contractors that are specialized in installing the pipes in your home. There are various types of plumbers. Mainly they can work in residential homes or they can work in commercial buildings. Generally, commercial building plumbers are more experienced as they have to install the piper in larger quantities and take care of other complexities. You can hire a residential plumber for your home, and they are the ones you call when you face any problem. They are also called repair plumbers who check if the pipes are leaking or if there is any blockage in the pipes.


Electrician are also very common types of contractors. They are responsible for putting the electric circuits all across the house, so the electric connection is available in all the rooms. Like plumbers, there are various types of electricians and mainly they can be of two types which are residential electricians and commercial electricians. Commercial electricians are a bit more experienced than the residential electricians as they have to lead with a lot more factors and they have more experience. They are also called when you need to repair an electric circuit.


After the construction works are finished you would need to paint the building to make it look beautiful and presentable. Painters are the guys that does that for you. They are responsible for painting the whole building according to your choices. Painting the building is not done only to make the building look nice. It is done to be a protective coating against rain and other adverse weather conditions to protect the building.