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Is Room Temperature Sufficient To Store Wine?

Is Room Temperature Sufficient To Store Wine?

Yes, it just might be, as we all see ourselves as the best wine collector in the world. And as our need for proper storage increases, we might start searching for a perfect wine fridge by glancing through the world wide web. Wine cooler shop is just one of many outlets specialising in this unique market. Whether or not your taste preference lies with red or white wine, these precious liquids deserve proper storage. But we are not sure whether or not a wine room temperature would be sufficient. However, some factors need to take precedence when it comes down to proper room temperature. 

The dos and don t’s of storing your wine at room temperature

Typically room temperature is too warm for long-term wine storage. Hence, properly storing wine should be done by placing It in a wine cellar or fridge that demands excessive delicacy regarding constant temperature control, humidity levels, and low vibration. But for some of us, owning a wine cellar is out of the question. So storing wine at room temperature is not recommended as a long-term storage solution. 

It’s not inside; it’s on top.

If you are spending the night entertaining some friends, you might be tempted to open that special bottle of wine you have securely placed on top of the refrigerator. But upon opening such a special wine, you might discover that it tastes vinegar-like. This process is also known to be the ultimate level of heat expelled, leading to the wine boiling. Subsequently, the wine would lack any taste other than pure alcohol. Undoubtedly, this is caused by the refrigerator giving off heat. But in addition, the high vibration levels of a normal refrigerator are too high to preserve the wine’s integrity, leading to premature ageing. 

The icing is in the middle.

The general rule is not to store your wine bottle inside your average refrigerator.  Within this type of appliance, the air inside is too cold for proper storage. There is also an increase in temperature fluctuation, which closes more regularly than in a wine fridge. The humidity leads to high moisture levels and drying out the corks. Oxidation occurs, and this unwanted occurrence would lead to some untasty wine. And no wine lover would be impressed by that. 

Serving at room temperature 

Just as room temperature is essential, so is the correct serving temperature. The whole experience of wine depends on this, as when it is served too cold or o warm, the wine’s integrity is lost. On the other hand, when a wine is served too hot, its essential berry-like flavour is lost. Hence, the alcohol inside would be overwhelming. In addition, if done too cold, the wine would become tasteless. And would lose its essential aroma, which is often described as bold and liquorice with a hint of cocoa. 

Keeping wine at room temperature

In summary, you can keep wine at room temperature, but not for a long-term storage solution. If kept at room temperature, please keep it out of direct sunlight, such as in a dark room or a closet.  It is essential to avoid heat factors such as fluorescent lights and appliances that radiate heat, for example, an oven. Moreover, avoid places where there might be some pesky moisture levels. Hence, you must enforce these rules before placing a wine fridge in the desired room. Finally, humidity, vibration, UV protection and temperature must be without fluctuations. In conclusion, room temperature can be sufficient, but not for long storage. And always avoid that alluring normal refrigerator that just seems so easy to pop a wine bottle in.

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