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Beginner’s Guide To Making Coconut Rope From Coconut Coir

Beginner's Guide To Making Coconut Rope From Coconut Coir

This time we will discuss how to make a coconut rope from coconut fiber. Let’s look at the following explanation carefully.

Definition of Coconut Coir

Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) belongs to the Cocos genus and is easy to grow in the tropics. Coconut plants are commonly found in coastal areas because they require high humidity.

Coconut fruit is elliptical and about the size of a human head. The composition of coconut fruit consists of 33 percent coconut fruit, 12 percent fruit skin, 28 percent fruit flesh, and 25 percent water.

Coir is part of the mesocarp which is the raw material for coconut coir handicrafts. Coconut coir is typically thought of as debris that is piled beneath coconut trees and then allowed to rot or dry out. It is primarily used for firewood.

How to make rope from coconut coir

Coir rope or often called coconut coir rope. We can make it in two ways, the first manually and the second with the help of a machine, namely a coconut coir spinning machine.

How to Make Coconut Rope Manually

Peel the coconut husk from the shell

After that take some coconut husk, try not to be too thin or too thick.

Join the coconut coir by twisting or twisting it.

The length can be customized to meet your requirements.

Finally, tie the two ends together.


How to Make Coconut Rope With Rope Spinning Machine

What is coconut rope used for? Coconut coir rope is a raw material for making handicrafts from coconut such as making brooms, as well as various types of handicrafts from other coconut ropes.

The coconut rope spinning machine can also be used to spin rope from mendong, water hyacinth, or other materials. To make a rope from coconut, a coconut rope spinning machine is needed.

This coconut rope spinning machine is a machine used for spinning ropes from coconuts. Coconut coir rope is a raw material for making coconut crafts, for example for making brooms, as well as for various types of handicrafts from other coconut ropes.

Benefits of Coconut Coir

  1. Coconut Coir To Neutralize Cement Smells In Newly Made Ponds

Newly-made fish ponds often leave an unpleasant cement smell. This of course hinders fish farming.

  1. As Organic Fertilizer

Coconut coir is rich in nutrients and minerals that are good for plant growth. Therefore, coconut coir is very suitable for the production of organic fertilizers.

  1. Coconut Coir as a Basic Material for Brick Making

You must have often heard the name briquettes come from coal or coconut shells, right? and that is right. But it turns out that now briquettes can also be made from coconut fiber. So you will feel strange if the briquettes are made of coconut fiber.

  1. Coconut Coir As A Basic Craft Material

Another benefit of coconut coir that may be familiar to our environment is coconut husk as a basic material for crafts or goods.

  1. Coconut Coir As Resistance To Erosion On Cliffs

The coconut coir media used in this technique is to make it into a coconut coir net or often referred to as coconut.

How to make cocomesh is quite difficult and certainly requires a lot of coconut husk.

  1. Making Brooms of Palm Fibers

The lontar broom seems to be one of the household tools that cannot be separated from the cleaning life of a housewife or household assistant.

Yes, a palm fiber broom is a type of broom, one of which is made from coconut processing waste, namely coconut shells.

  1. Paper Substitute Combustion Media

Those who often make charcoal from coconut shells, often use coconut as a medium for burning coconuts or shells.

  1. Coco Net Making

Netting or coco net is a form of processed coconut coir shaped like a net. This coconut net is usually used to prevent landslides in an area by taking steps to minimize the occurrence of landslides in an area.

  1. As a raw material for blankets, spring beds, and upholstery

For those of you who may not know, various types of seating, including feather beds or also called beds, are made from basic materials made from coconut shells. Yes, coconut was first processed into coconut fiber in the form of coconut fiber.

  1. Doormat Making

Another benefit of coconut coir that you need to know and maybe you already know is that it is used as a doormat. This mat has almost the same raw materials as palm fiber and coir brooms. Usually, the coconut shell pedestal is placed outside the house.

Thus an explanation of how to make a rope from coconut fiber. We can also turn coconut coir rope into a small business because this rope has a fairly high economic value. You can contact Whatsapp +62 812-1233-3590 and email: [email protected] to get a more detailed explanation.

There are several handicrafts from coconut fiber, such as doormats and flower pots. But crafts can not only be made of coconut fiber, there are also crafts from raffia rope, straws, and other items. So, hopefully useful, thank you.

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