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7 DIY Home Improvements to Consider for Your Vacation Rental Home

7 DIY Home Improvements to Consider for Your Vacation Rental Home

Getting travellers and guests to consider your rental home for their vacation is not as difficult as people thought it was.

To improve the taste of your vacation home, some basic projects can be done by yourself without the need for inviting professionals or technicians, as all you’d need is the time to focus and get it done.

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Below are 7 DIY home improvements to consider for your vacation rental home. These projects will make a huge difference in terms of cost-effectiveness and eye-catching criteria for travelers who depend on reliable travel sites for good vacation homes.

  1. Embark on a Thorough Cleaning

The first quest to improve your vacation rental home is by doing a deep cleaning of every nook and cranny of the home. This involves cleaning the top of the home such as ceilings, the rooms, dust the walls, mop the floors and apply some stain removal on tough stains around the home. This cleaning process might take days, but ensure you start with a room and then proceed to the other

  1. Play with Lighting

To ensure proper relaxation of the guests and maintain their good mood, lighting is most important as it gives an unimaginable feeling. One important way to improve your vacation rental home is to offer your guests different kinds of lighting in their rooms. To do this, you should have general lighting in rooms, then task lighting, which will be centered on sensitive areas and reading sections in the home, and lastly an accent light for enough illumination and alertness in case of intruders.

  1. Apply Some New Paints

One of the best moments to apply paint in your home is during the spring since, during those times, there is every tendency not to have guests for the meantime. New painting can be done yourself, by developing the confidence to do it or better still follow interior wall painting tips to ensure a brilliant job.

  1. Pipe Shelving

Due to limited storage space within the home, renters are often faced with difficulties on how to provide space for some basic materials. This is one thing that can be done through built-in shelving that is made of custom pipe. Although it may require you to make holes on the walls but can be filled-in with spackle after completing your stay. This is a nice solution to provide additional space in the home

  1. Wallpapered Refrigerator

Sometimes within the kitchen area, there are always some traces of old-fashioned appliances such as the refrigerator. However, replacing the refrigerator is not the best option but you can rather cover the outer part with removable wallpaper. This wallpaper can easily be removed at the end of the short stay. However, you can also apply this to other outdated appliances within the home.

  1. Fabric Backsplash

This is one useful home improvement tip to protect the walls within the home and maintain the beauty of the wall. The fabric backsplash serves as an easy to clean and color-tied option to beautify and protect the walls around the vacation home

  1. Monogram Doormat

This is one center of attraction for the guest.  This designed doormat set the stage for design within the home. You can make use of a black or neutral doormat or even bright colored initials that can augment the interior painting. The beauty of the home resides in the proper choice of colors


Most of the tips highlighted in this section are not only a way to entice and attract guests to your home but also cost-saving methods to improve your rental home with little or low budget.