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Renovating A House for A Flip and Sale

Renovating A House for A Flip and Sale

Going into a career for remodeling takes a keen eye for detail, a lot of know-how and constant observation of trends and deals. A lot of people have jumped on the renovation and house flipping band wagon. They see the fast profit that can be turned and feel like it is worth it to give it a try. Often times these people lack the expert know-how that true contractors have and leave the job a bit lacking. These flips can still reap a profit if the turn-around is done within a short period of time with good quality supplies but it is also important to make sure everything is performed to code.

The most common renovations that are done to flip houses are kitchens, bathrooms and general face lifts. We’ll go into depth on what is in involved into each one of these in order to turn buyers onto your home and to turn the house for a decent profit in a short amount of time. But first let’s discuss the facts. If you do not know how to do electrical, plumbing or general carpentry you need to have these trained professionals on hand for the renovation. Plan your closing date on the property and work on a timetable that saves you extensive labor fees while completing the job accurately and quickly. You should never be left in the wind trying to find these certified professionals because of bad planning. Have a back up to the ones you have selected in case of any emergencies arising and one not being available. If you know how to do this type of work, then you are good to go with the flip.

The first thing buyers notice when they enter a home is the over-all feel of the house. You want it to feel bright and clean. If the entry door is dark and dated than you can add a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware. This will make it modern and fresh. If it is beyond fixing up then replace it with a modern door that is inviting from the side walk all the way into the house. Carry on this theme into the house. Replace all carpet with new fresh and neutral carpet.

Paint the walls a neutral beige or gray throughout the home. Give the ceilings a fresh coat of white paint. If the wood trim is old looking you can either replace it or you can paint it or re-stain it. It some cases it is easier and more time effective to replace what is there with something new. Re-staining and painting all of the trim in a house can take time. Next update the kitchens and bathrooms. You can search for any type of Wholesale G Series Cabinets tampa fl that are in your area. Replace dated appliances and fixtures. You want the home to feel fresh and new.

When your renovation is complete make sure you take pictures for the listing in the best possible lighting. Have some rooms staged so potential buyers can envision their own belongings in the space. Never hang pictures because they will add holes to the walls that you just finished. Make sure your pictures cover both the inside and the outside. Have the lawn freshly cut and weeds pulled before any outside pictures are taken

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